January 2

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 3


Sales and purchases from last week... Reselling business generating over $600 between Christmas and New Years. Plus, we dig into a very important financial topic and give you access to some of the best economic advice available. Finally, I show the best piece of free software you can own if you're a person who buys a bunch of games from Steam, Epic, GOG, etc.


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Even though it was Memorial Day weekend and there weren't many yard sales this weekend, I did manage to find a holy grail piece! Plus I show you how to get PC games (LEGALLY) for free!

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 23

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 22

This was a busy weekend. 7 community sales across two days! In this episode I'm going to show you some crazy finds worth crazy money! I also give some tips on how I source books, how to deal with smoky video games and the coolest tech gadget I've seen in a while.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 22
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