May 29

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 23


Even though it was Memorial Day weekend and there weren't many yard sales this weekend, I did manage to find a holy grail piece! Plus I show you how to get PC games (LEGALLY) for free!


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The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 22

This was a busy weekend. 7 community sales across two days! In this episode I'm going to show you some crazy finds worth crazy money! I also give some tips on how I source books, how to deal with smoky video games and the coolest tech gadget I've seen in a while.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 22

Buying Gold Coins: A Smart Move in a Declining Dollar Economy

In uncertain economic times, finding stable investment options becomes crucial. One such option is buying gold coins. As the dollar experiences a decline in value, investing in gold coins can be a smart move to protect your wealth. Let's explore why buying gold coins is a simple and accessible way to navigate a declining dollar economy.

Why Buy Gold Coins?

Gold has been recognized as a valuable asset throughout history. Unlike paper currency, gold has maintained its worth over time. By investing in gold coins, you can safeguard your wealth against inflation and economic uncertainties. Even during periods of economic instability, gold has shown the potential for capital appreciation, making it an attractive long-term investment.

Understanding the Declining Dollar Economy:

A declining dollar economy refers to a situation where the value of the dollar decreases compared to other currencies. When the dollar weakens, it affects your purchasing power and the value of your investments denominated in dollars. In such times, diversifying your investments with assets like gold coins can help protect your financial well-being.

How Gold Coins Preserve Value:

Gold coins are tangible assets that hold inherent value. They are not dependent on the performance of the dollar or any specific currency. Gold's universal acceptance and recognition make it a reliable store of wealth. Even if the dollar loses value, your gold coins will retain their worth, providing a sense of security in uncertain times. Additionally, gold coins are portable and easily tradable, ensuring liquidity when you need it.

Buying Gold Coins: Getting Started:

Getting started with buying gold coins is relatively straightforward. Begin by researching reputable dealers or reliable online platforms. The platform I use (and do not consider this an endorsement -- I just like them) is American Precious Metals Exchange ( Consider the weight and type of gold coins you prefer, such as 1/10th ounce gold coins. Look for coins with high purity and good condition, while also being mindful of their price. Once you have made your selection, make the purchase securely, following established procedures to ensure a smooth transaction.

Benefits of Owning Gold Coins:

Owning gold coins offers several advantages. Firstly, gold coins are tangible assets that you can physically hold and admire. Unlike digital investments, gold coins provide a sense of ownership and connection. Additionally, gold coins are highly liquid, meaning you can easily convert them into cash when needed. Lastly, including gold coins in your investment portfolio diversifies your holdings and adds a layer of stability during market volatility.

Timing Your Purchase:

While it can be challenging to time the market perfectly, buying gold coins during a declining dollar economy may present favorable conditions. As the dollar weakens, gold often experiences increased demand, which can potentially drive its price up. However, it's important to approach gold investment with a long-term perspective, focusing on its ability to preserve wealth rather than short-term fluctuations.

Storing and Protecting Your Gold Coins:

Once you've acquired gold coins, it's crucial to store and protect them properly. Consider options such as secure home safes or safety deposit boxes at trusted financial institutions. Alternatively, specialized storage facilities or vaults can provide an extra layer of security. Additionally, obtaining insurance coverage for your gold coins safeguards your investment against unforeseen events. If you are interested, my good friends over at Personal Economic Coach do a great job of helping you navigate your financial world including insurance for specific situations like these.


Investing in gold coins can be a wise decision in a declining dollar economy. By diversifying your holdings and owning a tangible asset that retains value, you can safeguard your wealth against inflation and economic uncertainties. Remember to conduct thorough research, choose reputable dealers, and store your gold coins securely. As you navigate the complexities of the financial world, investing in gold coins can provide peace of mind and financial stability in an ever-changing economic landscape.

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Buying Gold Coins: A Smart Move in a Declining Dollar Economy
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