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Three straight weeks of $800+ sales. This week, my average sale was over $70 per item. Let's go over what new items I found and how I price items as well as one item that will net me over $100 and cost me less than $0.05.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 13

Well, I did do a show last week but a technical glitch prevented it from recording correctly. We go into that plus I show TWO weeks of sales -- over $800 two weeks in a row -- in my spare time! Plus some golden nuggets on what to look for if you want to start reselling in your spare time too.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 12

Only 8 sales this past week but over $600 in revenue! Want to know why? Want to see what pile of "junk" I sold for over $100? Check out today's episode. Plus, I show exactly how I research items while shopping in Goodwill.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 11

Pretty solid week of sales this past week. New pickups were a little light... UNTIL TODAY.

I scored a pretty epic G.I. Joe haul and it cost me ZERO.

On this episode, I show detailed instructions on how to find out what something is worth even if you have no idea what it is.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 10

This week's show has a LOT of items that sold last week and ZERO items that were bought this week. What do I do when I have no new items to list? Tune in and find out. Plus, my WordPress websites got TRASHED this week. I will show you how I fixed them and didn't break a sweat.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 9

Today we talk about what sold last week and show you some amazing items we found this week just living our lives. Finally, we close out the show and show you a fantastic way to earn more money... A savings account that actually pays a decent interest rate.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 8

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