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Even though it was Memorial Day weekend and there weren't many yard sales this weekend, I did manage to find a holy grail piece! Plus I show you how to get PC games (LEGALLY) for free!

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 23

This was a busy weekend. 7 community sales across two days! In this episode I'm going to show you some crazy finds worth crazy money! I also give some tips on how I source books, how to deal with smoky video games and the coolest tech gadget I've seen in a while.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 22

Sales are holding steady at over $500 each week. That's $2,000 a month or $24,000 a year with minimal expenditure of time! We had some pretty amazing finds at yard sales this week (including a great find from an ASK). If you're not asking, you'll not find. That simple.

Plus, I share some amazing money tips. If you're not getting 4% or better in your savings account, you have to watch this!

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 21

Welcome to this week's episode, where I unveil my recent sales, showcase incredible yard sale finds, and share my ultimate strategy for scoring expensive video games at unbeatable prices! Join me as I dive into the world of reselling and thrifting, revealing the secrets behind my success.

In this episode, I discuss the items I've sold over the past weeks, providing valuable insights into profitable trends and strategies. Get ready for a firsthand look at some of my recent yard sale treasures, demonstrating the power of a keen eye and strategic buying.

But that's not all! I also reveal my coveted strategy for acquiring expensive video games without breaking the bank. Discover the tips, tricks, and insider knowledge that will help you build an impressive gaming collection without draining your wallet.

Whether you're a seasoned reseller, a gaming enthusiast, or simply love the thrill of finding hidden gems, this episode is a must-watch! Join the conversation, ask questions, and prepare for an informative and entertaining session.

Subscribe to my channel for more valuable insights, thrilling thrifting adventures, and expert reselling strategies. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes where I explore new opportunities, reveal insider secrets, and share my journey to success in the world of reselling.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 20

Over $1000 in sales last week. An amazing find at the only yard sale I went to (in the rain) plus we talk about the coolest gaming gadget I've seen in forever. Plus, my new MMO find! A jam packed show.

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 19

Today, I show you what sold last week ($800+ in sales last week). We also talk about investing in precious metals. I show you all the amazing finds I had when I went yard sailing this week and how I turned a $5 box o' junk into $130 net profile (so far).

The Steve Bailey Show – Episode 18

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