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I've been a serial entrepreneur for as long as I can remember.  I've owned many businesses in my life and I am always focused on underpromising and overdelivering when it comes to being of service to my clients.

I created this website to give the people who think they were meant for more out of life than what they currently have.  I've been there.  I know the pain of sitting there saying "Is this all my life is meant to be?"

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"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
- Robert Ingersoll - 
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Everything started for me when my dad started shooting weddings with his top end VHS camcorder. He would ask me to help and I always tagged along. When he passed in '94, the business died with him. Until, in 2002, a longtime friend asked me to film her wedding. I picked the mantle back up and was hooked.

This was my first foray into entrepreneurship and I was hooked.  I spent virtually every weekend either filming a wedding or editing one.  The business did very well and I learned that my true passion was serving others and providing positive energy to as many people as I could.

But at a price...
Chapter 2: The Evolution
Spending 10 years of weekends away from my family or locked in my editing studio hurt a lot of my personal relationships. I knew I needed to find something better.  In December of 2010, I was introduced to network marketing and it was then I realized that this was a better long term solution for me.

In January of 2012, I was able to retire from wedding videography and focus all my energy on family and my network marketing business.

I grew a large team, helped many people make a lot of money and was frequently asked to speak on my journey. It was then that I realized I could help a lot more people by sharing my story and the lessons I learned along the way.  Financial freedom is possible.  It's my hope that sharing my story here will help you avoid some of the potholes I hit along the way.
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