Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Below is a list of some great resources I've found (and created) that could help you on (or start) your entrepreneurial journey. I hope they provide you value as much as they have provided me.

dotCom Secrets

dotComSecrets - Your Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online

dotCom Secrets was the book that I read that completely changed my business strategy. Russell Brunson is a marketing genius. Having his roots in old school direct mail marketing, Russell learned how to translate that old-school analog style of marketing into this digital information age.

Whether you have a business already or not, this is a fantastic read because it can help you turn your passion and your ideas into a lucrative business.

Referrals on Autopilot

This book was a passion project of mine and my colleage, Dr. Raymond Jewell. So many business owners pester their clients for referrals.  This is both inefficient and awkward.  People do business with people they know, like and trust. Until you've established that, they are not going to willingly give you meaningful referrals. This book gives a step by step process whereby businesses can generate an endless stream of referrals without even having to ask for them.

Income Hacking Secrets

Imagine living in a world where you could get anything you wanted, completely for free. In this video, I show people exactly how I got this Sodastream completely for free. Using this technique, you can virtually get anything you want for free.

My Income Hacking Facebook Group

One thing I often get asked is how I do what I do. I created the facebook group, Income Hackers, so we could discuss strategies for employees who have a full time job and stay at home parents who don't want a full time job to be able to take advantage of the income they already have and maximize it.

Using techniques in this group, my son, Mark Bailey, was able to turn $50 into over $1,000 (without getting a second job or without trading more of his time for money).