Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

CommunionI had an interesting day today.  I’ve never been a big believer in going to church every Sunday. Although I believe in Jesus Christ, I was raised in the mindset that as long as Christ was in your heart, you didn’t have to go to church every Sunday.  However, I’ve come to love our church and our pastor.  He is probably only the second pastor I’ve ever had a deep admiration and respect for in all my years.

Today he approached me and asked me for a favor. [Read more...]

Richard Brooke – The 4 Year Career explained

Not only is it possible to build a substantial residual income in just a few years, it’s actually easier than you think. My good friend, Richard Brooke, does an excellent job of explaining the power of network marketing and why every person on the planet who wants to make a better life for themselves and their families needs to have a network marketing business.

Linear Income vs. Residual Income

Recently on my Facebook profile I posted a quote from Art Jonak that said “If you really understood residual income, you would walk through a brick wall to get it.”  However, I realized that 90% of the country is working a full time job for a company somewhere and probably doesn’t know what residual income is.  It’s not anyone’s fault — it’s a combination of the fact that’s what their parents did and what their friends do so that must be the only solution because if there was a better one, they’d do it — Right?  It takes courage to step out from the pack and try something new (no matter how smart it may be).  Ridicule, peer pressure, and fear of failure and rejection are some motivating powers to keep everyone going to their day to day 9-5 grind.  Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll see the power of residual income and will look for the nearest brick wall.

Linear Income

Linear income is nothing more than a fancy term for trading your time for money.  If you have a 9-5 job, you are getting linear income.  If you work an hour, you get paid for that hour.  If you work 2 hours, you get paid for 2 hours.  If you call out sick (and don’t have a job that pays sick time) you don’t get paid.  When you’re sleeping, you’re not getting paid.  When you take a trip somewhere on vacation, you’re not getting paid.  And it’s not just 9-5′ers either.  Doctors and Lawyers also have linear incomes.  If a doctor isn’t seeing patients, they don’t get paid.

Residual Income

Now let’s talk about the more powerful subject of residual income.  Residual income is when you get paid over and over again for something you do once.  Let’s look at some of the easiest to understand examples.  Elvis Presley died in 1977.  However, according to Forbes magazine, in 2011, Elvis Presley generated $55 million dollars in revenue — 34 years after he died.  The same goes for movie and television stars.  Every time a movie plays in theaters or on television, the actors get paid “royalties.”

But I’m not a rock star or movie star

That’s ok… Just because you’re not the “King of Rock & Roll” or you haven’t gotten your big break in Hollywood yet?  Does that mean residual income is out of your reach?  Absolutely not!  In fact, I’m going to let you in on something that’s even better than movie or music royalties.  In fact, what if I told you there was a way you could not only get paid over and over again for what you do one time, but what a whole lot of people do one time.  Let’s talk about network marketing.

The king of all residual income generators: Network Marketing

A network marketing business is a home based business that will let you do an activity once (like getting a customer to buy your product or service) and as long as that customer remains active, you will get paid every time that customer makes a purchase.  Furthermore, if you can find like minded people like yourself who want to start a home based business, they can join your team, start gathering their own customers and then you can get paid when your customers make purchases and your teammates customers make purchases.  Where this gets powerful is when you start building a large organization.  Let’s do some quick math from the compensation plan of my network marketing company.  Let’s say you gather 3 customers and each customer is worth $10 a month to you.  That’s $30 every month for getting just 3 customers one time.  Now let’s say you found 3 other people who each gathered 3 customers.  You would still get $30 from your 3 customers (and each of them would get $30 from their 3 customers) but you also make $20 on the 9 customers your 3 team members have.  So you’ve made $50 this month (and you only found 3 customers and 3 customer gatherers).  Take this out a few more levels and this is what it looks like:

Level # Team Members # Customers Residual Income
You 0 3 $30
1 3 9 $20
2 9 27 $59
3 27 81 $176
4 81 243 $527
5 243 729 $1582
6 729 2,187 $4,746
7 2,187 6,561 $20,339

That means if you got 3 customers and 3 people to start their own network marketing business and then they went out and got 3 customers and 3 people to start their own network marketing business, and so on, after 7 generations, there would be over 6,000 customers and you’d be making $27,449 per month (all from getting 3 customers and 3 team members).  Now, this is a mathematically perfect model and no network marketing company can generate a mathematically perfect model but even if you were only 10% successful at this, you would still be generating $2,745 per month.

And the beauty part is, once your organization gets this big, you never have to do anything again and your checks will continue to get bigger and bigger.  That’s the power of residual income.

Now are you ready to find that brick wall?

Working from Home Jobs — My #1 pick

Many people today are opting to look into different kinds of working from home jobs.  Sometimes it’s because they’ve lost their job due to the economic recession.  In some cases, stay at home moms are trying to find a way to help support the family while still being available for their kids when they need them.  After all, what good is a mom returning to the work force only to find all the money she’s making goes to pay for baby sitting services or day care.  Whatever the reason, working from home jobs are becoming increasingly popular.  However, with popularity comes an increase in the number of potential “scams” that you could fall victim to.

In my opinion, one of the best working from home jobs you can have is to start your own home based business.  When you have a “job” you are working to make someone else a lot of money.  In return, they give you a little bit of money for your time.  When you have your own home based business, the money you are making is yours.  You are working to make yourself money.  And with that you can trade more of your time for more money, right?  But wait!  Are you suggesting that the more time you work, the more money you can make for yourself?  Yes!  But that’s not that much better than a job, is it?

So what you need is a home based business that let’s you trade your time for money but not in a 1 to 1 relationship.  What you need is a network marketing business.  Lets say you start a network marketing business selling widgets.  You work 10 hours a week selling widgets — that’s it — 10 hours.  Over the course of a month (working 10 hours a day) you make $500 but you also get 3 other people so excited about the widgets you are selling that they want to sell them as well.  At the end of the month, you’ve spent 300 hours, made $500 and got 3 other people to join you in the wonderful world of selling widgets.  At the end of month 2, you’ve spent another 300 hours, made another $500 but now you have 3 other people who each spent 300 hours (and made $500 themselves) but now you’ve made an extra $75 from their effort.  At the end of month 1, you traded 300 hours of your time for $500.  At the end of month 2, you traded 300 hours of your time and made $575.  Now if each of those 3 got 3 more every month, at the end of 7 months, you’d have a team of over 2,000 people.  Your 300 hours of time would generate you over $50,000.  That’s leverage!

So the trick is, finding a working from home job that has a widget you would like to sell.  For me, the best network marketing company, bar none, is SendOutCards.  Most network marketing companies sell products that can be overpriced or that only cater to a small handbag using, makeup wearing, liking to cook market segment.  What attracted me to SendOutCards is that (a) it’s a product that costs less than it’s competition and (b) it’s a product that everyone (regardless of race, age, gender) could use.  Professionals could use it to grow their businesses.  Regular people could use it to send birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards, get well cards, etc. to people they know and love (and it would mean a lot more than a Facebook status or a text message.  Plus you can send gifts along with the card.  SendOutCards is a product of giving, not of receiving.  That’s why it has my pick as the best out of all the working from home jobs available.

If you want to see what SendOutCards is all about, you can just jump to my website and check it out for yourself (and even send someone a free card on me).

Click Here to check out SendOutCards

Scarcity mentality vs. abundance mentality

Many times, I meet people who claim they don’t have enough money.  It comes in many forms.  Some say they can’t afford to buy the new toy they want.  Some are more extreme and say they can’t afford to pay their bills.  I’d like to talk about the difference between a scarcity mentality and an abundance mentality and how one is healthy and one is not.

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How college students can make extra money with network marketing

If you are a college student then you probably feel like you’re broke all the time.  You barely have enough money for your meals and you have to work at least one, if not two, part time jobs just to have a little free money to spend on the weekend.  And let’s not even begin to talk about the mountain of student loan debt you are amassing while you invest 3-4 years of your life in search of that little piece of paper that says you are allowed to get a REAL job now.

The fact is that as a college student, you don’t have to be flat broke.  In fact, you are the perfect people at the perfect time in your life to start your own network marketing business.  Perfect people because you’re young and idealistic.  You haven’t yet acquired that cold cynical side that comes with adulthood.  Perfect time because you are interacting with tons of people on a daily basis.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to help out a college student trying to earn their way through college?

So then the question is: what the heck is network marketing?  This is the stuff they should teach in college but they don’t.  Let me ask you a question. What if every time you recommended a movie to someone and they went to see it, you got a commission?  Take it one step further.  What if they liked the movie, recommended it to someone else and then they got a commission and YOU got another commission?  That’s network marketing in a nutshell.

Network marketing is finding a product you like and think other people would like, using the product, showing the product to other people and having other people use the product and show the product.  Imagine a product that gave you their advertising budget instead of the advertising agencies and television networks?  That’s network marketing.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then I’ve got the perfect product for you to take a look at.  This is a product that (a) people use every day, (b) is available cheaper and more conveniently and (c) has relatively no competition and has huge potential to become a household name in a couple years.  Check out my website and let me know what you think:

SendOutCards — Yeah, it’s a pyramid scheme…

I love it when I try to share this fantastic system known as SendOutCards with someone who I think could really use it.  My phone calls go unanswered.  My conversations usually end with “Ah, it’s not for me.”  Some times I hear my favorite one of all “Isn’t this one of those pyramid schemes?”  People close their minds to opportunity before they even give it a fair chance.  Folks, this is an opportunity that can literally change the world if you let it.  Let me share my favorite story of all time with you to prove it.

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Jobs for college graduates

Here’s an interesting article I came across recently.  It’s required reading for my college students out there.



written by Jordan Adler

Surprise, surprise: Thanks to a high unemployment rate for new grads, many of those with diplomas fresh off the press are making a return to Mom and Dad’s place. In fact, according to a poll conducted by consulting firm Twentysomething Inc., some 85% of graduates will soon remember what Mom’s cooking tastes like.

Times are undeniably tough.

Reports have placed the unemployment rate for the under-25 group as high as 54%. Many of these unemployed graduates are choosing to go into higher education in an attempt to wait out the job market, while others are going anywhere and doing anything for work. Meanwhile, moving back home helps with expenses and paying off student loans.

The outlook isn’t sunshine and roses: Rick Raymond, of the College Parents of America, notes, “Graduates are not the first to be hired when the job markets begins to improve. We’re seeing shocking numbers of people with undergraduates degrees who can’t get work.”

Guess moving back home isn’t limited to philosophy majors anymore.

It’s time for us to recommend an alternative to spending more money on “higher” education and/or moving in with Mom and Dad. What if a student were to go to our “university” and learn the business of Network Marketing for 4 years? They would “graduate” with a passive, residual income that would most likely exceed what their graduating peers are making in the job market. Thus, giving them a level of freedom unmatched in the traditional business world. They would get to learn real life business skills and strategies.  Strategies not from theorists, but from real, business professionals that have built five and six-figure monthly incomes.